Join TbT FLA in 2022! 

The TbT Team is excited to serve families in the greater Orlando area in 2022.  TbT FLA is led by NYC professionals who bring over 10 years of experience offering quality theater arts training for kids ages 5-19 with an emphasis on developing Biblical character and values. Come experience the difference at TbT!

Join the TbT Family.  Make friends.  Develop lifelong skills.  Gain confidence.  Have FUN!!

What's coming? 

-  TbT after-school theater arts programs customized for your school. It's not too late to book! Learn more HERE.

- 2 week musical theater performance day camp coming this summer, June 2022!

- FREE workshops to learn more about TbT (see below).

Join our TbT FLA Newsletter HERE to stay up to date. 

Want to "get a taste of TbT"?  You can!  TbT FLA will offer FREE workshops in 2022 for families to learn more about our organization and the programs we offer.  Dates will be announced in the new year. 

Our FREE workshop features an information session for parents and older students, as well as the chance for kids ages 6-18 to participate by learning a brief musical theater number. Students will perform this musical number at the end of the workshop. Don't miss your chance to meet the TbT Team and see what the hype is all about!