Audition & Callback Details

The audition process is a valuable learning and growth opportunity!  All students auditioning for the TbT spring show will have the chance to sing individually and go through a movement audition with the show's Creative Team.  Some students will also be asked to stay and read from the script at a callback.

Audition Material:

Please prepare a 1 minute segment of a song and bring a downloaded (not live streamed) accompaniment (karaoke) music track via a mobile device. Please do not plan to sing a cappella (without a track). Songs representative of the show style are preferred. TbT will provide a speaker for playback. There will not be live accompaniment, but feel free to bring your own! Wear comfortable clothes to learn a short dance!

TbT auditions (not callbacks) are open viewing for parents. Callbacks are by invitation only for students whom the Creative Team would like to spend more time with as they consider casting. 

Please read carefully: All cast members may have a maximum of 1 pre-approved conflict (missed rehearsal) for the rehearsal duration with no conflicts during tech week and performances. This is very important as the show requires a full team commitment! Please thoroughly review the schedule and bring ALL conflict dates to the audition. Additional conflicts presented after the rehearsal process begins may result in a lessened role or dismissal from the show.