The TbT Difference - Quotes & Feedback:

"Have I told you all recently how incredibly grateful I am for the Godly and professional environment you have provided for my daughter? She had a really rough start to the week at a dance class where her director tore her down in front of the class... She has been part of the school since she was five, has been a great friend and testimony to people there and has prayed faithfully for the director. But to watch her sob last night and then say she couldn't wait to be at rehearsal tomorrow and Saturday was like a balm to my Mama Bear's soul. Thank you." 

"Our daughter would often comment, 'All the kids there are so nice.' There was a sense of mutual respect and graciousness that came through, both in her remarks and in the behavior we witnessed when we'd drop her off and pick her up from rehearsals. Kids seemed to encourage rather than compete with each other, and that helped to instill not only confidence but grace."

"Opening night was absolutely phenomenal! It was simply stunning! Being new to a full-scale production, we didn't know what to expect. Your production of The Music Man far surpassed any expectations we may have had! The acting, singing, lighting, music....it was all perfect!  I also really loved the decorations outside and the theme related concessions and the raffle basket. It was all very inviting and you could tell that a lot of planning and effort went into it." 

What are parents saying?

  • "Truthbase Theatrcials staff members are an incredible group of people with so much passion for what they do. They also have wonderful leadership skills and amazing personalities along with a love of Christ. They are what makes TbT so much fun."
  • "What a wonderful experience to be led by such amazingly talented, sweet, and encouraging directors! My son will never forget it!"
  • "They loooooved their directors!!! Warm Christ like personalities, ridiculous amount of patience, loving, and caring towards the cast. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Organization is very well run with superb communication and planning. Many thanks."
  • "My daughter received encouragement and was challenged in an uplifting way to do all things with excellence."
  • "It is great to have a higher quality Christian musical theater group in the city."
  • "Unlike school productions or other venues, Truthbase Theatricals has a heart for Christ in pursuing excellence. The professional edge at TbT is like none other."
  • "Truthbase Theatricals surpasses expectations in every way."
  • "The girls just loved TbT and all of the teachers and students!! Wonderful job! Good role models!! They did not want the class to end. We appreciated all of the joyful and positive energy. Your staff makes learning fun."
  • "Everyone was wonderful and soooo supportive."
  • "They always looked forward to and prepared their work for class, something they'd not happily do for just anyone! They had fun talking about what they'd done or be doing in the next class."
  • "I looked for something like TbT 10 years or so ago for my oldest daughter, and found nothing even close. ; ( Having had some experience in musical theater, I can honestly say that Truthbase Theatricals meets and exceeds my expectations. TbT provides an excellent training environment for theater arts and character-development/discipleship. The (very well-trained and professional) coordinators and teachers understand and care about the particular needs of youth and demonstrate in words and actions that their students' artistic, social and spiritual growth are always high among their class goals. And it's FUN!"
  • "TbT exceeded expectations. Not only did my child learn skills in a supportive atmosphere, but he felt a sense of camaraderie and "belonging" which was so beneficial for him."
  • "3 things Truthbase Theatricals does well: 1) Having high expectations (professional) in theater,dance, and singing where other "Kids" theater does not. 2) Allowing the family members to be a part of the "Theater experience" and building family in the process. 3) Having vision to bring encouragement and reward to the actors in an always Christian atmosphere."
  • "I was hoping for a Christ-centered, caring, safe environment in which my children would learn real skills, develop their talents, have fun, meet and work with others, be mentored by experienced, skilled professionals, and do it all unto God. That's what you provided."
  • "My daughter was very shy and reserved. I was really encouraged to see her so excited and working hard every week. She came out of her shell and is con-fi-dent!"
  • "A Christian based theater group is an answer to prayer!" 

What are students saying?

  • "The whole Truthbase Theatricals team is very loving, caring, and very Christ-like in general. The kids that are part of TbT are respectful, caring, and accepting. You can tell that we all love each other a lot."
  • "TbT has helped me find my voice and get over my stage fright. They challenged me and showed me the amazing things I could do."
  • "TbT is a fantastic acting/musical theater program! I love the way we're able to perform actual full-scale shows rather than just scenes or songs. I also love how the teachers are more dedicated, more encouraging, and more on top of things than in any other program I know."
  • "I expected to meet new people while glorifying God's name through musical theater - that is exactly what happened."
  • "TbT has taught me how to take acting and musical theater seriously. I have learned how to keep my energy-level up even when I’m exhausted, pay much better attention in classes, and also just have fun doing musical theater."
  • “Truthbase Theatricals is not just about classes and productions, it's also about becoming family."
  • "TbT has helped me become more confident."
  • "When I'm at TbT, I feel special."
  • "In everyone you encounter, the staff, the students, and even the parents, you can see Jesus in their hearts. You can tell by the way they speak to one another, and by the way they treat each other, that everyone there has a passion for Christ. Everybody treats everybody with kindness, respect, and the brotherly love that God tells us to have."
  • “Truthbase Theatricals has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zones. Singing and acting in front of friends and strangers can be intimidating, but I've learned much about God and myself through the program. I also have made many good friends."
  • "At TbT...I'm one of the oldest kids. A few others and I played a leadership role. This role involved even more responsibility than line memorizing, because we were not only in charge of our own actions, but the actions of pretty much anyone ages 5-12."
  • "I really enjoy the friendships I've developed over the years in TbT. Spending time with them and working with them on the production is both challenging and fulfilling. It is a highlight of my year!"
  • "Normally in theatre groups, or any groups of kids really, you have cliques. At TbT...they allow new people into their circle come lunch time...They do this regardless of age or gender. In fact, more times than not, we as a cast sit in one or two giant circles."

What are people saying about TbT at School?

  • "Thank you so much for creating an amazing show for our kids and our school community after such a challenging two years. It was the best 'Rising Stars' show we have seen in all of our years at the school, and most importantly, our kids had a ball!"
  • "The costumes, set and sound system was so professional! We are just so happy that your company TbT came to our school and provided this fantastic opportunity for our daughter and the rest of the cast."
  • "The performance was INCREDIBLE!  We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work this semester. What you guys were able to accomplish in that short of a time was above and beyond!  The kids were all so talented and it was an absolute delight to watch."

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