The #1 thing to remember when you audition..we want you to succeed and perfom your very best!  We are rooting for you! The audition tips below will help you as you prepare.


  • Choose an audition song that reflects your personality!
  • Choose one minute of a song in the style of the show (no pop songs please) in your vocal range so you can confidently sing all the notes.
  • Learn and rehearse all the details: the words, the melody, expressiveness (use your full body, don't be stiff!), and know why you are singing each word. Remember your #1 job is to be a storyteller!
  • Download your music track for auditions on your portable device. NO livestreaming!
  • Practice in advance with your music track and where to start. Directors can tell when your audition was selected last minute and you are not ready to perform.
  • Sing out, make bold character choices, smile and have FUN!


  • Dance with confidence! Stand tall and proud!
  • Listen to the directions from the artistic staff-- we want to know who takes direction well.
  • Smile and give us 100 percent. If you think you messed up, recover quickly and KEEP GOING. Don’t dwell on it and don’t let it ruin the rest of your audition. We all make mistakes!
  • Always remember to be yourself - everyone else is taken! God gave you your voice and it is UNIQUE - don't compare, just be you.


Does Truthbase Theatricals provide private voice lessons for auditions?

TbT does not provide private voice lessons. However, there are several TbT-affiliated teachers who provide voice lessons in our area we can recommend. For more information on this, contact us at

I don’t know what song to sing. How do I make a decision?

First, find a song that fits your vocal range. Next, make sure that the content of the song is appropriate for your age. Finally, think about your strengths. Do you have a strong voice? Choose a song that shows it off. Maybe you are a strong dancer, but struggle with hitting some higher notes. Pick a number that is easier for you to sing but highlights your other skills. Find a song that best showcases your unique talent and prepare the strongest audition you can!  If you are interested in a specific role in the show, you may also want to consider the kind of song that character might sing.

Can I livestream my music track off the internet at auditions?

No. Internet access is not always provided and can be inconsistent.  Please make sure to download your song on your device, know where you want to start in the music and make sure your device will not lock you out mid-song!  TbT will bring a speaker and cord.  If your phone requires an adapter of any sort, please bring along just in case.