ABC's of Success


Ready to build some character? 

Follow along with our FREE video series designed as a resource for focused character development. TbT will post a video introducing a character trait (A-Z) every Saturday at 11am on this page (scroll below), Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for 26 weeks. 

Each video will feature a TbT staff member who will explain the character trait, review some creative ways to memorize the definition, and link the trait to a Scripture verse. At the end of each video, we will premiere an original song to the corresponding verse so you can sing along. Discuss, ingrain and apply the trait all week. Make the ABC's of Success a habit with the whole family!  Watch our Introduction Video to learn more.

What are the ABC's of Success?

The "ABC's of Success" is a list of traits synthesized from several sources on success habits, from the Fruits of the Spirit to the Boy Scout Code, all with a Biblical foundation. Each trait corresponds with a letter of the alphabet and is phrased as an affirmation.   

Character Trait Videos

Video Introduction

A - Achiever

B - Brave

C - Compassionate 

D - Disciplined Disciple

E - Enthusiastically Optimistic

F - Friendly

G - Godly

H - Honest

I - Initiating

J - Joyful

K - Knowledgeable

L - Loyal Lover

M - Mentor

N - No

O - Objective Driven

P - Persevering

Q - Questioning

R - Responsible

S - Servant

T - Teamworker

U - Uncommonly Sensible

V - Virtuous

W - Wise Worker

X - Xenophile

Y - Yin-Yang (Please note: ying and yang can be about a number of things, and the usage is not at all about Eastern religion, but about the forces that pull us in different directions. We need to have a balanced life to obey all that God has commanded.) 

Z - Zealous

Video Review

Letters A-F

Letters G-N

Letters O-T

Letters U-Z

Sow a thought, reap an action;

sow an action, reap a habit;

sow a habit, reap a character;

sow a character, reap a destiny.

- Emerson