A Truthbase Theatricals show isn't simple to put together. Putting together a full-length production requires a lot of work, but there is nothing like seeing a big musical come together on opening night and knowing that you've had a part in making it happen! Being a part of a TbT show is a big commitment that can involve the whole family. Our shows take students, parents, siblings, and even grandparents to make the magic of theater come to life.


Regular rehearsals:

Rehearsals are mandatory for cast members. Productions require teamwork and commitment! One regular rehearsal date may be missed. Any conflicts with the rehearsal schedule must be listed on your audition form to be pre-approved and conflicts will be taken into account when casting decisions are made.

Tech week rehearsals:

Tech rehearsals are usually scheduled in the afternoon and evening on the three or four days leading up to opening night of the show. No absences are permitted during tech week and shows. Please check your personal schedule before you audition to confirm your availability for tech week and all show dates.



Parent Committees are the driving force behind a TbT show (and are really fun to be a part of)! These committees include sets & props, costumes, hair & makeup, raffle, concessions and several other options. At least one parent or guardian of each cast member must work on a committee. Older siblings or other designated adults may substitute for parents.

Parent meetings: 

There are two parent meetings over the course of rehearsals, and at least one parent must attend each meeting. Parent meetings are typically held on 2 Saturdays during the rehearsal process.



The audition process is a valuable learning and growth opportunity!  All students will have the chance to sing individually and go through a movement audition with the show's Creative Team.  Any student who plans to audition will purchase a non-refundable audition ticket, which will be credited toward the show's tuition/production fee if the student is cast in the show.  It may also be credited towards any spring class tuition, including Technical Crew.

Tuition/Production fee:

Tuition and Production fees will be combined (new in 2019) and any student who is cast in the show may apply their audition ticket fee towards this tuition.

Additional Expenses:

Additional ancillary costs may include basic stage makeup (if you don’t have a kit already), show shoes, undergarments for the performances, tickets, and commuting/parking costs (many NJ families carpool!).


All adults and volunteers involved in a TbT production are required to read and sign the Policies of Conduct Form.